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Helping leaders transform their impact and influence

Welcome to my website. I'm here to help leaders embrace their struggles, discover their strengths and release their potential.

You will experience deeper clarity freeing you to realign with what truly matters. You will discover innate resources empowering you to transform your professional and personal life.

I offer a unique blend of success frameworks and eastern wisdom giving you further support to do the best work you know you're capable of.

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Is this you?

  • You sometimes find hesitation or doubt getting in the way of your communications and influence
  • You're struggling with approaching or motivating difficult or disengaged staff
  • You're producing great results but feeling overwhelmed, depleted or lost at times
  • You're a high achiever and you're ready to explore your purpose and legacy
  • You're enthusiastic about getting to the next level of your career and need a plan
  • You know your best work is yet to come and want to uncover and express this


There are 3 ways you can work with me

It's important for me to work with clients that inspire me with their vision. In return, I relentlessly hone my craft to get vivid clarity and compelling results for my clients. I love working with people who have a growth mindset and are willing to see themselves as the causal agents of their lives. I facilitate a space of curiosity, compassion and presence that invites clients to authentically explore the deeper truths behind the obstacles they face. It’s truly an honour to see people have these moments of unfiltered clarity. The insights they gain free them to create what they want going forward.

Through the years, I have found that for leaders success has come at some costs. Maintaining peak levels of productivity and the pressure to continually deliver returns for vested parties places an emotional load that most around them don't appreciate. They can feel alone, overwhelmed and stuck and this tends to impact their job satisfaction, well-being and relationships.

Seeing this time and again, I have created three programs designed specially towards restoring an integrated and fulfilling life whilst satisfying the expectations of all stakeholders, including family.

What can I offer you?

Forged by Experience

  • 25 years experience across diverse industry sectors
  • Corporate background and managerial experience
  • Helped hundreds of people breakthrough internal barriers 

Warrior Mindset

  • Integrated Eastern warrior ethos for grit and resilience
  • Expertise in inspiring black belt focus for peak productivity
  • Practical systems for emotional regulation

Personalised Approach

  • Complimentary initial discovery consultation
  • Coaching is bespoke, tailored to your needs 
  • Relentless commitment to advocating your potential

Continuous Improvement

  • Kaizen philosophy to upgrade coaching models
  • Commitment to refining service delivery
  • Zen 'Beginners Mind' approach to ongoing research

Executive Clients


Susie Bunn
Founder Feng Shui Transformations
Former Director Craig Family Centre

Wasn't sure a coaching session session was what I needed. There were so many competing demands in my life. So many different challenges that in the end I felt stuck and unsure. Unsure of my potential, unsure which way to proceed, unsure of how to begin.

A couple of sessions with Richard helped me achieve the clarity I needed and to focus on what was important. In the end coaching was incredibly valuable and I would highly recommend it to all the sceptics like me

Damian DeZilva
National Patient Transport

Richard has an incredible talent of taking my concerns in a completely unbiased way and helps me to think through these perceptions to deliver better outcomes for our business and our leaders within my organisation. 

My role as a CEO has many challenges, Richard helps me to focus on the root cause of the issue at hand, he gives me clarity of mind which in turn allows me to deliver high quality decisions. 
Richard has been a wonderful resource, there are no predetermined outcomes or agendas which allows our sessions to flow smoothly and makes his approach genuine. Other coaches may use frameworks and case studies which make sessions tedious and does not allow for the individual to drill down into the issues at hand.

Richard is a great listener and has a genuine interest in supporting individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Sue McCarthy
Regional Administration Manager
Harvey Norman

I consider myself to be a hardworking, committed, high performer, who has had a lot of achievements in my career and life that I am truly proud of.

However, in recent years, I have constantly found myself feeling burnt out, stressed, not sleeping well, lacking in direction and generally just feeling unfulfilled in my life.

Richard is like a wingman in my corner helping me to realise my best self. With his support in the sessions, I have managed to dig deep to reveal my hierarchy of needs and what truly drives me. He has helped with strategies for me to not only survive and find balance in my life, but to thrive. It's so exciting finally getting to know the real me!!

Julie Zhu
National Account Manager

The sessions I had with Richard have been a journey to discover my own potential, improve and achieve greater success in different aspects of life, including relationships and careers.

I possess the 'superpower' within me to overcome negative thoughts and reshape my thinking habits into a positive mindset.

This transformation enhances overall wellbeing and elevates an exciting, joyful, and fulfilled life.

AJ Barrett
Regional Manager
National Patient Transport

We all have powerful minds, but…over the last few months Richard has enabled me to expand and explore other areas of my mind that has guided me through some very tough times recently.

Richard's calmness and his listening skills enable him to break open avenues of thought and preparedness for your daily tasks and how to break down issues that arise and enable you to use your own powerful mind to get through these issues that we face not only in our work life but to bring them into everyday life.

He has always followed up with me and ensured I’m (still) on track. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.

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Are you ready to reach for the best in yourself and greatly influence and impact those around you? Well, let's decide if we are a good fit to work together first. If you're curious about the possibilities and whether my services are what you need, book a FREE STRATEGY SESSION.

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