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I have spent the last 25 years developing my powerfully effective coaching plan and programs for high-performing individuals, executives, and leaders.

In a world where you're constantly looking after other people's needs and agendas I'm here to make sure your needs are met.

When leaders and high achievers take a moment to be fully present in the coaching space we co-create, they realise a potential that has been brewing below the surface for too long. They tap latent capabilities and see the possibilities bringing greater levels of life satisfaction. 

My programs draw on five of the world's leading coaching models, positive psychology, neuroscience and expertise studies. Rest assured, coaching is integrated with sound principles.

For the ideal coaching program created with your needs in mind, please take a look at an overview of each high performance solution.

High Performance Coaching Service Overview 


Clarity – Free Strategy Session

Clarity precedes mastery. To gain clarity you must raise self-awareness. During this introductory 45 minute session, you will discover first-hand what coaching can achieve by bringing hidden barriers to light.

  • Are you wanting to learn more about what coaching is and how it changes lives?
  • Do you want to understand the coaching process and if it is a fit for you without any obligation to commit further?
  • Are you stuck in some area of your professional or personal life and wondering if coaching has the answer?
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Realignment Intensive - 2 hour think tank

The Realignment Intensive session looks to gain clarity on a time-sensitive stress point that requires immediate resolution. Coaching aims to resolve the following hurdles to your happiness and other not so obvious ones:

  • You have hit a project standstill and are struggling to move forward.
  • You are unsure how to approach a needed conversation.
  • Your are trying to deal with an annoying, time-consuming, but ultimately minor issue and it's drawing on your attention.
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Leadership Coaching - 6, 12, 18 month options

The Leadership Coaching program who are finally ready to convert intentions to commitments and take action and need some support to make it happen. looks to answer the following questions:

  • Are you still trying to overcome a longstanding unproductive habit which is a source of dissatisfaction, but you can’t stop on your own? Alternatively, are you trying to install a new performance habit and can't make it stick?
  • Have you had a major disappointment in life or drastic change in situation and need to get clarity on the next steps?
  • Are you experiencing the pressure of overwhelm and not delivering results for your stakeholders?
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Leadership Mastery Program

In this exclusive, top-tier coaching program we work together closely to bring about meaningful and significant change in all areas of your life. This program is designed for successful and ambitious leaders who are ready to leave the security of their competencies into the depths of their potential. I provide masterclass themes and life-changing frameworks within these sessions to help leaders reinvent themselves in their personal and professional lives. Do you have unresolved problems around areas such as the following:

  • Are you not entirely sure how you can influence team cohesion and engagement among your workforce?
  • Are you kicking career and financial goals, but constantly falling short of best intentions in your significant relationships, mental wellbeing and meaningful pursuits?
  • Are you working hard but not feeling joyful or having that sense of fulfilment?
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Are you interested in the coaching services I offer? Think they might be just the thing you need to push your life and career in the right direction? Have a Black Belt Life Coach in your corner. Book a FREE STRATEGY SESSION or contact me today at or by giving me a call directly at 0480 265 465.

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