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Leadership Coaching

Have you had enough of procrastinating on making a long overdue significant shift in one area of your life? Are you losing peace of mind by avoiding the issue that has dissipated your attention for too long? Do you have a new level of responsibility and need to explore what that means for you? Then this is the Ultimate Breakthrough Plan designed especially for you.

Raise engagement and raise profitability accordingly. Develop integrative and synergistic working and personal relationships. Experience a deep restructuring of the internal scripts and mental models influencing progress.

  • Starting program 6 months, which includes 12 x 1 hour coaching sessions
  • 3 x Focus-15 progress calls to keep you on track with your goals (15 mins each)
  • 3 x high performance frameworks for wholistic wellbeing, influential communications & peak productivity
  • Learn the Warrior Ethos to drive behaviour change and unstoppable motivation 
  • Leadership Coaching Program fee: $2400

Create high performance habits

The Leadership Coaching program was designed specifically for people who know their best work is yet to come. By taking this step, you are resolved that you are ready to redesign and restructure your inner and outer world results.

Here's a truth I discovered after teaching and influencing hundreds of people: They can transform is possible and it must be an inside out approach. Professional and personal growth is a struggle at times and that’s where you'll learn the grit-like, warrior mindset of Fudoshin which means the immovable mind/spirit. This is likened to mental toughness.

For leaders, this program clears the path to bringing the ambition you have for yourself or your team into being. Influential leaders know results require integrity-based dialogue within themselves and coach-like conversations with others. They are fully integrated with their environment. These achievers courageously approach not conveniently ignore. It’s time to raise your standards. Are you ready for a black belt level?

Whether building engagement, nurturing performance or eliminating drama, you are facing a conflict of the status quo. Breakthrough begins with an understanding that all conflict is won internally first. Shifting into optimal performance habits is an internal battle. We will have possibility-driven conversations to see the potential hidden within the struggle.

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