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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Talk: The Focus or Fragment Distinction

This talk has been designed to deliver a power punch smashing through outdated leadership paradigms and erroneous beliefs in the way of leading with impact and influence towards profitability, engagement and growth.

Several key principles presented include:

  • The focussed leader delegates. The fragmented leader does it all themselves.
  • The focussed leader influences teams. The fragmented leader uses authority.
  • The focussed leader bends time. The fragmented leader is time bound.
  • The focussed leader is solid in their identity. The fragmented leader is unaware of 'knowing thyself' psychologically speaking.
  • The focussed leader understands influence. The fragmented leader tends to maintain only one communication style - theirs!
  • The focussed leader uses courage to drive change. The fragmented leader stays within conditioned boundaries.
  • The focussed leader draws and engages people through a mission. The fragmented leader experiences the loneliness of constant rescuing.

The keynote talk can cover up to 20 principles that shift the internal drivers of peak performance. This is not about hacks, they are short-lived. This is inside-out, fluff-free, straight-talk for maximum impact. Action drives results. Focussed action drives exponential results. What has the attention of your direct reports and are they hyper-focused on low yield activity? What are the constraints ruminating in the minds of your management team? What is the level of operational standards in your organisation: is it a Black Belt level?

To get profitable and synergistic outcomes must know this… what you focus on expands. Daniel Goleman, Harvard Professor and world-renowned emotional intelligence expert, says, “When we focus on ourselves, our world contracts as our problems and preoccupations loom large. But when we focus on others, our world expands.” I can inspire your team harness and hone their focus for greater outcomes in the workspace and their lifespace. With my approach, everyone wins.

As a coach with integrity, the truth is I can't change your results. After all, you are the expert on your business. I can help you develop the psychology and strategy so you can change your results. Together, we will harness focus for peak performance in the life of business and the business of life. My workshops offer mind-blowing and interactive activities that prove irrefutably the power of black belt intentionality for maximum productivity.