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Pain is the catalyst for change

Pain is the catalyst for change. You may have heard of the dog that was sitting on the porch whimpering, whining and moaning. On his way to work, a man passed by the dog and noticed the moaning. This...

Measure and you will progress

As your High Performance Coach, I will get straight to the point. If you measure you will progress. If you don't you will stifle your growth. Never be afraid to measure where you are. I think people...

The Enemy of a Happy Life

The enemy of a happy life is not outside of you lurking in an alley waiting to ambush you. This adversary is more covert. It cleverly clings to you from the inside so that it is ever present. Have...

Live in the blur to reach your potential

Live in the blur to reach your potential. Life is not black and white. And life is more than fifty shades of grey. When you take a dichotomous world view you begin to suffer the consequences of...

Strength of character is not an outdated ideal

Strength of character is not an outdated ideal. Rather, it is an ageless principle and not a passing trend. In an age where millennials and snowflakes have been associated with a softness in nature,...

A billionaire’s advice on success in 2 steps

The advice on success you are about to read is simple yet truly profound. These two requirements for success were stated by a famous oil billionaire who was formerly bankrupt raising cotton in...

Be a Warrior of the Light

Bruce Lee said "The warrior is the every day person with laser-like focus". So what should the every day person focus on? Well, we know that successful people are always thinking on what they want...

Everyday Warrior Success System

In ancient Greece the Spartan warriors were governed by many codes of conduct. Adherence to these codes was paramount to success on the battlefield. For example, if a soldier misplaced his sword he...

Breakthrough is one thought away

Breakthrough is one thought away. The Oxford dictionary defines a breakthrough as a "sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development". The key word in the definition we will consider is...

Masking your potential

What's masking your potential? Ever heard someone say, 'it’s just who I am’. Well, what if it wasn’t and instead, it was just their personality? Your potential is governed in part by your...