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The Mastery Journey

Modern leadership is going through a revolution where the shift from commander to coach is required to sustain employee engagement, psychological safety and performance. The landscape of being a leader with impact is emerging. The progressive and dynamic leader realises the value in transcending outdated leadership strategies and has begun the journey of purposeful transformation. They not only make a positive difference in the lives of their teams, they also experience the freedom and fulfilment of realising their own leadership potential.

The journey ahead of you is a never-ending cycle of progress and struggle leading to professional and personal reinvention. The Japanese call this Kaizen, or continuous improvement. After hundreds of hours coaching leaders and ongoing research, I have been able to distill my findings into three distinct phases providing a system and structure for leadership mastery. The three phases are identity, influence and innovation. Read on to explore what phase you are in and how we can work together for your professional and personal transformation.


Identity is the true hidden force behind all success and fulfilment and for many, failure and disappointment. The truth is that all results can improve with a shift in identity. Think of identity as your operating software. Sometimes, it just needs an upgrade for your performance to soar.

Do you find moments of feeling self-doubt impacting your confidence and wondering what's missing? Do you know your best work is yet to come and want to level up? Are you avoiding the conversations you need to have? Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed depleting energy levels and a good night's rest?

We will explore critical topics such as purpose, philosophy and values to harness your untapped strengths and genius. This will be the most rewarding inner work you could do this year.


The ability to influence is the mark of a powerful leader. Getting results by authority is short-lived. Influencing results through drawing on the latent potential of those around you is sustainable and empowering.

Do you find your executives are stuck in old ways and struggle to get them to change? Are you unclear on how to create a collaborative culture? Are you finding yourself reactionary, working 'in the business' instead of being strategic? Are you feeling pulled from many directions and barely managing it all?

Together, we will use principles and frameworks to build synergistic collaborations, influential communication skills and adaptive leadership styles. 


Innovation takes hold when you know your identity and influence are at an all time high. You are achieving the bottom line outcomes,  satisfying profit and team performance metrics. You now are finding you're ready to inspire greater initiatives from your staff. Not only that, there's an urge to make a greater difference. You find yourself occasionally dwelling on your legacy and living regret-free.

Are you wondering about your true calling or how you can take your expertise to a greater audience? Are you ready for exponential versus linear growth? Do you want money with meaning? Do you need to put more attention on your significant relationships and wellbeing?

We will explore genius talents and complete a legacy audit. You will discover creative initiatives and the power of purposeful alliances. This is a deep dive into your innermost needs and vision.


Unlock your leadership potential

Each mastery phase is a stand-alone, 12 week coaching program and includes:

  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions
  • Bimonthly progress calls
  • Additional resources specific to your needs
  • Inner strengths and genius exploration worksheets and activities
  • Leadership Mastery fee: $5,000 per program

My coaching is not for the feint-hearted. I have found people playing full out at this level appreciate the uncomfortable yet necessary conversations. Everyone has a desire, few are willing to commit to convert their vision to a reality.

Some clients say I have a gift. You can decide for yourself. What I do know is I care about your possibility and I’m willing to trust my insights and share them with you authentically and fearlessly. The question is, do you care enough to play full out also?

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