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Realignment Intensive

Has a time-sensitive task or meeting emerged and you're unsure how to proceed? Need to have a difficult conversation and want to design a path forward? You can pick my brain in this targeted think tank. If something has your immediate and pressing attention and you can't seem to see the best way through book a Realignment Intensive session today.

The Realignment Intensive includes:

  • 2 hour co-creative coaching session
  • Success Systems to reveal underlying interference in the way of problem diagnosis and resolution
  • High Performance Frameworks to drive innovative and empowering action plans
  • Preliminary worksheet to optimise session outcomes and effectiveness
  • Realignment coaching fee: $400

Realignment clears the path to untapped internal resources

I have found that in most cases people have untapped internal resources to meet with the challenges they are facing or vision they are pursuing. Usually, they are just misaligned cognitively or battling resistance. Sometimes this is hard to see from the subjective standpoint. It’s been said, you can’t see the label when you’re inside the jar.

Together we will co-create a high performance plan that draws on your superconscious mind. The power of the intensive helps you enter a flow state where solutions become accessible. 

Should you be looking to collaborate on a persistent struggle, consider the Leadership Coaching. This will offer a lasting neurological shift and a breakthrough approach just for you.

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