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4 Habits of High Performers


When you read the 4 habits of high performers your expectations will not be met. Why? Because they are straightforward, fluff-free and simple to establish. Expert executive coaches will agree that these are amongst the best habits to form. You might notice you are doing them to a lesser extent. Maybe it’s time to 10X your application because of the potential they hold?

Here are the habits:

  1. Be punctual
  2. Be a finisher
  3. Keep your word
  4. Common courtesy

Be punctual. Yes, that’s right, high performers are known for being on time. They know time is a finite commodity they are bartering their life with. These people value their time and respect yours. They will turn up earlier than most rather than run the risk of being late. It’s a good idea that if you are wanting to establish a working relationship with a high-performance coach, mentor or manager, don’t be late to your meetings. Remember, extraordinary is just that little bit extra. Now if you want to become someone of a trustworthy and reliable reputation, be sure you are punctual. The ripple effect is not always immediately apparent. Understand that people are always making unconscious assessments of your character. Make sure they are receiving the message, “I can rely on this person.”

Be a finisher. The world is full of starters. The average attempts people make when embarking on a new goal is zero. Yes, that’s a ZERO. They quit before they even begin! When you start something no matter how small complete it. Unfinished business is mental clutter. A congested brain is an inefficient and tired brain. It is in a constant holding pattern waiting for projects to come in for a landing. Peak performers manage their energy. One way they do this is to focus single-mindedly on a task until completion.

Keep your word. Integrity is the first value of the U.S. Airforce. It is the standard of everyday warriors. Resolve to do what you say because this builds your reputation with yourself first and foremost. That builds bullet-proof self-esteem. That in turn galvanises self-trust. That leads to unshakeable self-confidence. You know that when you give yourself an instruction it’s as good as done. This is critical in times of adversity and setback when you need to be able to take command of your emotions. Think of a high-performance individual. Now, are they someone who has calm confidence? Now you know one key reason why.

Common courtesy is not that common. Sometimes, so called leaders neglect this with their subordinates. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to everyone regardless. Spouses can forget this with each other for the sake of expediency and as a result of familiarity. Remember the cliché familiarity breeds contempt? Say please and thank you to café staff who serve you. Be courteous to children. Thank the checkout staff at Kmart. High performers will demonstrate an air of contentment. Why? Because they value relationships. As a result, they show gratitude. Studies reveal gratitude is one ingredient of a happier life. Enough said.

Know you have read the habits of high performers. Where can you improve or more importantly, which one will you commit to strengthen today? Let these four habits become a part of your character that they may shape your destiny. You don’t need anything to get started. Just be willing and be ready for the profound impact they will have in your life.