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Measure and you will progress


As your High Performance Coach, I will get straight to the point. If you measure you will progress. If you don't you will stifle your growth. Never be afraid to measure where you are. I think people tend to put this critical success factor on the back burner because they unconsciously fear what they might find. In fact, the sense of clarity you will get when you take an honest assessment of your position is actually quite liberating.

Management guru Peter Drucker once said "what's measured, improves". This is simple yet profound. Simplicity can be easily overlooked in the busy-ness our lives. From a business perspective you can determine your progress by reviewing the results of your marketing and associated sales. What do the figures reveal? Now this is no way suggests worth as a person. Rather, the economics reveal holes to be plugged and potential growth areas. Personally, I like to think of money as a measure of the difference you’re making in the world. If the figures are disheartening, it's time to bring more value to the marketplace or find better means of making your value known.

Measuring for progress doesn't have to stop when we leave the workplace. Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung said “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” Have you been promising to devote more uninterrupted time with loved ones and falling short? Success in our relationships can be assured if you take stock of the quality time you spend with your significant others. What do your relationship stats suggest?

Let's not forget your health. We are all guilty of neglecting this from time to time. Do you know what your baselines for optimum health should be for your age and gender? Are you within the fat percentage norms? These can be found easily with a quick Google. Working on them is another thing altogether. Regardless of where you find yourself today, you can begin to take action towards a more energised life. You owe to your physical temple, your mental health and the lives that depend on you.

In conclusion, measure and you will progress because you will know where to start. If you fail to measure you can't make educated adjustments because it's all guesswork. More importantly, if you fail to measure you can't truly appreciate how successful you have become in different areas of your special life.