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Be a Warrior of the Light


Bruce Lee said "The warrior is the every day person with laser-like focus". So what should the every day person focus on? Well, we know that successful people are always thinking on what they want and how to get it. We also know that unsuccessful people focus on what they don't want and complain about their situation. It follows that whatever we dwell on takes shape in our reality. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

The warrior of the light maintains a code of conduct that leads to spiritual wellbeing. For light thoughts lead to health and dark thoughts illness. We know this through studies in Positive Psychology. Let's begin our journey into the road less travelled but always worthwhile. The warrior's path.

The warrior has a purpose-driven life.

It's easier to maintain energy when you link it with purpose. This is your reason to get out of the bed in the morning. The more people you intend to serve through your purpose, the more unbounded energy you will access.

Holds themselves accountable for all outcomes.

The owner of human spirit, the warrior of the light, accepts all results with equanimity. They take total ownership because they demonstrate they are the masters of their fate. Blame is for the victims. They think they are only responsible for the good that comes their way.

Maintains healthy and restorative rituals.

Deep work demands the balance of deep recovery. Get yourself decent sleep. Introduce quiet times of solitude and rejuvenation. Have tech-free hours or days if possible. Exercise regularly. Even a brisk walk is beneficial. Whatever works for you, convert it to a ritual.

Develops a prejudice for action, not affirmation.

Nothing embodies the character of the warrior than their reputation for action. They are performers not reporters. Whilst others still consider perfect plans, the warrior of the light has already failed forward and made adjustments. Invest in sweat equity now.

Does not dabble with life. They seek life-mastery.

Dabbling may get you some small wins but no fulfilment and joy can be found there. The decision to master your craft and master your inner world is the true game changer. When you pursue excellence in all aspects of your life you unleash your creative potential.

Celebrates even the smallest of wins.

There is joy in savouring small victories. Give yourself some acknowledgement for the small wins for they are the stairways to the heavenly vision in your heart. After all, if you can't enjoy the path, why walk it?

May you reconnect with the warrior within and release the light through the practices you have just learnt. May you realign your focus to thoughts that serve you. Release your source of inspiration by returning to a purposeful life and conscious living. Sometimes the warrior of the light is not an easy mantle to take up. However, what it illuminates for others makes it worth it.