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Everyday Warrior Success System


In ancient Greece the Spartan warriors were governed by many codes of conduct. Adherence to these codes was paramount to success on the battlefield. For example, if a soldier misplaced his sword he would be punished with a hefty fine for it was for his own protection. Contrast this to what would happen if his shield was lost where the punishment was death. The shield was for the protection of his comrades. Going into the world of business or pursuing a vision without a system is like entering the battlefield with just a sword. The costs are financially and emotionally disastrous. That's why the  Everyday  Warrior Success System©   was created for you.

The search for converting an idea to a reality is before you. Begin by understanding that success is a system not a few tactics haphazardly thrown together. However, if you find yourself bankrupt when it comes to effective practices then any deposit of effort is better than none. There will never be a substitute for action.

Rest assured this system is not a cookie cutter approach. However, some fundamentals are true for everyone. Consider oxygen. We all need it whether you are a vegan or paleo advocate. Simplifying means simmering down to the macro practices that everyone can follow. We can drill down to the minutia but I have found that doesn’t necessarily correlate with success. Execution requires more than just knowledge of what to do. Everyone knows to reduce sugar and exercise yet neglect of lifestyle modifications like these are still contributing to the leading causes of death.

Right Tools

Dum spiro spero means "While I breathe, I hope" in Latin. It doesn’t matter where you start in your pursuit. Unashamed honesty about your starting position does. If you have been procrastinating, you don’t need to invest in project management software only to use it 2 times. A simply notepad or diary is adequate. Deciding the first simple step and doing it today might be all you need for a push start. 

Once you have established some consistent practices you can upgrade. Furthermore, if your time is limited and you wish to become efficient, the right tools become more relevant. After all fitness is not a point in time, it’s timeless and priceless.

Strategic Mindset

William James, considered the father of modern psychology said, “Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” Adopt the three following mental shifts and you will experience what James determined.

Identity. We tend to act in a manner that is consistent with our identity. Create a future self-image depicting the attributes your fitter self would have. From here on think, dwell and daydream on it regularly. No need to force, steady as she goes.

Purpose. Integrate your goal with a grander picture that permeates to other areas of your life. Do this and staying power is almost guaranteed. What is the ripple effect beyond just a better body? That is where the empowerment dwells.

Environment. Within reason create a supportive change ecosystem around you. Reengineer your home so that it is conducive to your change whilst removing all possible hindrances from it. For example, create a tailored home gym area and remove all Oreos from the pantry.

Consistent Action

As nonsensical as it sounds, you must take consistent action consistently. How? Well you are about to read the distillation of 30 years’ experience leading to a secret for sustaining action. Start small. To elaborate, determine the smallest achievable behaviour related to your positive change and do it daily. There are two caveats. One, you must know you can do it and two, the behaviour causes you minimal stress. If neither of these conditions can be met, start smaller!

Measure Results

Peter Drucker is credited with one of the most important quotes in business management. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Measuring leads to clarity and without which is merely guesswork. Decide on the metrics. Record your baselines. KPI and KPM. You need to be clear for better course corrections. Knowing that allows you to have a clear target to compare your status and progress. Now you can adjust accordingly as needed.

Proper Recovery

If Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post named in the Forbes Most Powerful Women list (and mum of 2 children) can deliberately make time for 7-8 hours sleep and mindfulness meditation daily, what’s our exception? Weight lifting champions and professional sporting competitors know it’s the rest and recovery periods between intense regimes that make all the difference.

You should appreciate that self-care is crucial to your restoration after any form of intense stress. This success system includes this phase lest you wear yourself out through neglect. Welcome between 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Graduate to 20 minutes quiet time daily. Have an occasional massage or salt bath. Journal. Take a walk in nature. Remember start small, but start.

Success revolves around consistent application of the fundamentals. You now know what they are. As the Stoic philosopher Epictetus said, “First ask yourself ‘What would I be’. Then do what you have to do.” Decide on your ideal life. Define who you must become in order to have it. Deploy this success system. Destiny awaits you my friend.