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The one-word formula for personal growth

What is the one-word formula for personal growth? Well, it’s going to seem a little simplistic, but with a little contemplation you might find there’s utility in it. Weight loss success depends on...

Get your performance lift

What gives you a performance lift? What keeps you flying high and keeps you travelling forward whilst resistance is against you? On a recent flight to Indonesia, I was waiting at the departure gate...

The Meaning of Life

I actually wanted to call this blog the meaning from life. You see, I’m not convinced life has meaning per se. Life is life. Life owes us nothing because it gave us itself! I believe instead that we...

Relationship Pillow Talk

Recently, I was watching the movie “Nobody” for the second time and despite seeing it again, one particular scene aroused my attention yet again. In this scene the lead character Hutch was lying in be...

Designer Brand or Design your Brand

Designer brand or design your brand? A little play on words to get you thinking as I did when I took this photo whilst visiting Chadstone shopping centre, the so-called "Fashion Capital" of...

The myth that's choking your possibilities

What is the myth that's choking your possibilities? Brace yourself because this may cause a tremor in your mental foundations. The myth is: this is who I am. It's an illusion called me and...

The Secret to Solving Problems

What is the secret to solving problems? Don’t! Yes, don’t do it. It’s a waste of emotional and mental energy. Before you accelerate into resolving a persistent problem, there is a critical question yo...

4 Habits of High Performers

When you read the 4 habits of high performers your expectations will not be met. Why? Because they are straightforward, fluff-free and simple to establish. Expert executive coaches will agree that...

Master your Environment

In order to thrive you must master your environment. Sometimes it’s external and sometimes it’s internal. What makes the Navy Seals an unstoppable highly effective force is their ability to establish...